Return Policy




如果您需要申請退貨,請貴賣家在收到包裹後的五日內將發貨清單、破損證明分別拍照,發送至  +852 52862116 們收到您的資料後會盡快為您核實情況,確定符合退貨條件後將聯繫您寄回包裹。如賣家在五天日後才申請退貨,公司將不會附上任何責任。












4 當貨物已開封或享用,不予退貨;


For customers thatwish to make a claim relating on products that have been damaged duringtransport, incorrect goods received, missing goods or other faults, we adviseyou politely to make claims within 5 days after receiving your goods.

We do apologise that any claims that are made after 5days will not be accepted.


 To make your claimwe would like you to contact us through our email orthrough whatsapp +852 52862116, by simply providing us your name and abrief description of the faulty item that you ordered, attaching some clearpictures of any damaged or incorrect items.


  • Once the items has fulfilledone of the reasons, we will organize for a resend of a brand new item or thecorrect item, depending what the problem was.
  • It is always the customersresponsibility to review the goods received prior to their opening. Goodsreceived, even in the event of incorrect supply, shall only be accepted backfor re-supply, if the goods are unopened & in their original condition.
  • Returns are only valid forincorrect items, damaged goods and out of date products. We do apologise, butwe cannot issue refunds for issues with tastes or withlack of results.