Carb cycling

Carb cycling is usually described as high-carb and low-carb, with low-carb generally absorbing less than 100 grams of carbohydrates per day but incorporating more fat into your diet.

There will be 1-2 high-carbohydrate days a week. On the high-carbohydrate day (refeed day), up to 450-600g of carbs will be absorbed but the fat intake will be reduced.

The main purpose of Refeed day is to replenish sugar source levels. Prevent hormonal effects such as thyroid and maintain mental strength, because everyone knows that eating during the period will affect mental, mood and concentration.

Refeed day recommends that everyone cooperate with Evolog and RPG so that every gram of carbohydrates can be effectively used during exercise instead of being converted into fat.

how to proceed?

Everyone's body reacts differently to carbohydrates. It is recommended to start with a ratio of 3:1. I have a low carbs day with a refeed day every three days.





Suitable for objects

People who want to lose fat or control their calorie intake but also want to train at a high level.

Usually a ketogenic diet will reduce an individual's training ability and recovery ability, but carb cycling and refeed day can solve this problem.


It is recommended to use refeed day for high intensity training days such as back or legs day because you will have better energy compared to low carbs day.


For high-intensity athletes, Crabs cycling is a more useful and effective weight loss method compared to the ketogenic diet.

Because refeed day can help athletes perform high-intensity training and maintain balance in all aspects of the body. It is also one of the dietary methods used by many athletes and bodybuilders .

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