HIIT X CARDIO different methods

HIIT X CARDIO different methods

Summer is here again. Many people ask me all the time what is the best way to lose weight? Is it better to order regular Cardio for HIIT? Today I’m going to talk about the two methods with the same benefits and everyone listens!

Benefits: Short time, consume more fat, improve anaerobic system, cardiopulmonary function.
Disadvantages: Not suitable for novices or people who have never done aerobic exercise. It is harder than normal aerobic exercise and requires longer recovery time.
Recommended practices:
30 seconds to finish, 90 seconds to rest dynamically. (optional)
Group 5 starts in the first week.
Add 2 sets each week.
It is not recommended to do it for more than 30 minutes. You can do it three times a week on an empty stomach or before and after the gym!

Benefits: Improve recovery function, improve cardiopulmonary function and help improve fitness results.
Disadvantages: It takes a long time. Start with 20 minutes in the first week and add 5 minutes every week. Three times a week, you can do it on an empty stomach or before and after the gym!

Finally: It is recommended to do different exercises because if you do the same exercise for a long time, you will get tired quickly and the same muscles will become tired. In addition, doing different exercises can also improve your flexibility. Diet (high protein, non-irritating cellulite products, etc.) and rest are more important than your exercise, so weight loss must balance these three areas.

The above article is my personal opinion.

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