Nutrition Basics: How to Set Up Macronutrients

Recently, many people have asked me how to calculate Macronutrients, so I will teach you today!
First of all, today I will teach you the simplest way to calculate caloric intake. It is probably x14cal per pound for men and x12cal per pound for women. If you follow this value of caloric intake, you should not be fat or thin, but It is always a rough number. If you want to be more accurate, you can use 5 days to follow the caloric intake. If you are fat or thin, add +10% or -10% to your total caloric intake and you will lose weight or gain weight. . (And so on)
Of course your calorie intake must be nutritious enough!
Set up your diet quickly by using these principles:
Men: 14kcal/lb of body weight
Women: 12kcal/lb of bodyweight
1.1-1.4g/lb of fat-free mass
25% of total calories
4-7g per kg of body weight to optimize performance.
The above calculation method is not 100% accurate but it is very close to what your body needs.
After this calculation, you will know how much protein and other nutrients your body needs and formulate your new meal plan, depending on whether you are in the stage of building muscle or losing fat.
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