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Amino Kick

Amino Kick

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A super cool and powerful way to add energy to your day!

6 grams of amino acids + 100 mg of caffeine Boosts energy and concentration Promotes muscle recovery Electrolytes help retain moisture Delicious taste Mouth-watering Free choice of 1-3 scoops Energy + hydration supplement

Amino Kick is a comprehensive energy and hydration formula using key and patented ingredients to provide the top athlete or fitness enthusiast with energy, endurance, focus, hydration and muscle recovery.

We also offer portable On-The-Go sizes that can be easily stored in your car, backpack, pocket, etc.!

How to choose Amino Kick?
All-day amino acid and energy supplement
Amino Kick is an all-round amino acid supplement, just do that. Whether you're building muscle or losing fat, Amino Kick supports your fitness and posture goals.

Gives you the energy and focus you need to get through the toughest training sessions and busy work days. Supplements 6 grams of amino acids per serving to support your lean muscle mass. You can tailor the optimal energy and recovery formula to your individual needs.

Muscle recovery is your best friend after exercise, supporting the preservation of lean muscle mass and muscle recovery. Amino Kick contains an amino acid formula that combines essential amino acids with branched-chain amino acids in the recommended ratio of 2:1:1.

Amino Kick is suitable for use in muscle growth or fat loss cycles, helping you gain muscle while avoiding muscle breakdown during the process of losing weight. Optimize your recovery process by helping to repair and rebuild damaged muscle fibers.

Energy and Focus Amino Kick is the perfect supplement when you need an instant mental boost. Whether before, during or after training, or any time of day when you need extra energy and focus to help you perform and function at your best.

With a recommended intake of 100-300 mg of caffeine, depending on your individual needs, Amino Kick can help you maintain steady energy on the road, or hit full throttle at top speed—it's up to you.

A good workout for hydration and electrolytes is one where you're sweating right after your last set. High-intensity training will make you sweat a lot. Unfortunately, when you sweat and become slightly dehydrated, your performance suffers.

Amino Kick uses key electrolytes and a patented hydration ingredient to help replenish vital nutrients lost through sweat, so you can continue to train and perform at your highest level.

L-Leucine : An essential amino acid that promotes protein synthesis and helps provide energy, the most effective amino acid for building muscle.

L-Isoleucine : A branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) that plays a role in protein metabolism, muscle growth, immunity, glucose transport, and fatty acid metabolism.

L-Valine : This powerful amino acid can help improve muscle recovery and repair while boosting endurance.

L-Arginine : Commonly used to improve nitric oxide and help increase blood vessel dilation, which improves blood flow, muscle pumps, and nutrient transport.

L-Citrulline : Found to help support athletic performance by increasing plasma arginine levels, which improves vasodilation, blood flow, muscle pumps and nutrient transport.

L-Glutamine : Research shows it can support recovery by removing byproducts produced during training while helping to improve the immune system.

Taurine : Research shows that this amino acid can increase strength, reduce muscle fatigue, improve focus, and support hydration.

L-Tyrosine : An amino acid commonly used by athletes and athletes to increase energy and endurance.

L -Lysine HCl : Research shows this essential amino acid can provide strength, improve performance and promote muscle recovery.

L-Threonine : This amino acid plays a role in supporting muscle contraction, promoting protein synthesis, and helping to repair muscle tissue.

DL-Phenylalanine : This ingredient can help reduce perceived pain, thereby delaying muscle fatigue during training so you can train harder.

L-Histidine HCl : An amino acid that aids in muscle growth, aids in muscle tissue repair, aids in blood cell production, and protects nerve cells.

DL-Methionine : Used to enhance athletic performance and can support muscle growth by helping to increase muscle fiber diameter.

Green Coffee Bean Extract: A natural source of caffeine that increases energy, supports neurotransmitters in the brain, and helps maintain mental vitality due to its potent antioxidant properties.

Green Tea Leaf Extract: This ingredient is a powerful antioxidant often used to help increase energy levels naturally and may help improve fat burning.

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt: Often used to improve hydration by replacing key minerals and electrolytes lost during training.

CocoPure™: A patented coconut water powder that helps optimize performance and promote hydration with powerful electrolytes and added vitamins and minerals.

The above are the ingredients of Amino Kick and their effects. Please note that we strongly recommend seeking the advice of a physician or health professional before using any new health supplements to ensure they are appropriate for your personal needs and health condition.
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The service is good, the clerk patiently teaches and the delivery speed is very fast!!! Will definitely help again ;)

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  • good service

    The service is good, the clerk patiently teaches and the delivery speed is very fast!!! Will definitely help again;

  • Price match

    The first time I saw it, there was a price match. The store ensured that we could get the cheapest price and earn points♥️♥️