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Ultra Pure Whey Isolate
Athlete Frank Bugner dug the IsoJect out of the jar and placed it in a gym shaker. Evogen Nutrition does just that. However, there is no 100% pure protein available so far that also tastes great and utilizes the latest technology. That's why IsoJect sets the standard for tasting 100% whey isolate, with only 110-120 calories per serving.

It uses cutting-edge triple cold-filtered whey isolate that is treated with triple-sensitive nanofiltration to maintain the quality of its ultra-pure whey isolate. This innovative treatment provides higher glycomacropeptide content compared to ion exchange treatment. This peptide is high in branched-chain amino acids, which can provide many benefits for your desired body composition goals.

Evogen CEO Hany "Pro Creator" Rambod CEO waited years to release this precision formula because honestly, he couldn't compete in the protein market with all the impure products out there. This is because many companies don't actually use protein in their protein powders. They rely on inferior amino acid and creatine fillers, which are much cheaper than protein. High quality whey protein isolate is a thing of the past.

To make matters worse, over time, Hany had a lot of trouble recommending well-known brands to his customers. However, it was enough, and despite the growing trend of releasing impure proteins, Hany made the final decision to release IsoJect for his world-class athletes and clients around the world. As you would expect from all Evogen products, IsoJect uses only the highest quality whey protein isolate.

ISOJECT™ – IGNITOR™ enzyme technology
IsoJect uses "new product" proteolytic enzyme technology to maximize the use of protein to promote critical growth and repair amino acids. These specifically target leucine, valine, isoleucine and glutamine. This sophisticated enzyme technology ensures maximum release and absorption of these critical amino acids for fast results.

One of the main issues for athletes is the need for a high-protein diet to help them regain growth. Often their protein needs may exceed the amount of enzymes produced in their own bodies. The result is that as protein intake increases, proportionately more of the amino acids in protein supplements may not be absorbed, leading to gas, bloating, and more. This is where IGNITOR™ enzyme technology can greatly enhance the effectiveness of protein powders.

IGNITOR contains a scientific combination of endopeptidases and exopeptidases, belonging to a class of enzymes called aminopeptidases. Endopeptidases hydrolyze protein molecules at the internal peptide bonds, releasing smaller peptides, while exopeptidases hydrolyze protein molecules at the ends of the peptide chains, releasing individual amino acids.

The difference between these aminopeptidases and those produced in the small intestine is that they are specifically designed to act on the bonds associated with branched-chain amino acids and glutamine. They focus on the release of those specific amino acids into the bloodstream and then onto your recovering muscles. So while these added enzymes focus on the key recovery amino acids in IsoJect, the enzymes in your own body work more efficiently to release other amino acids collaboratively.

Evogen Nutrition brings this breakthrough IGNITOR™ enzyme technology to the market for the first time. Its enzyme system maximizes your body's ability to quickly digest protein, promoting repair and recovery with little to no stomach upset. All in all, Evogen Nutrition is redefining the standards when it comes to incredible tasting ultra-pure whey protein isolate. Try IsoJect and you will notice and taste the difference!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

†In conjunction with an appropriate exercise and nutrition plan. Please consult with your physician before using this or other dietary supplements.
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The service is good, the clerk patiently teaches and the delivery speed is very fast!!! Will definitely help again ;)

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  • good service

    The service is good, the clerk patiently teaches and the delivery speed is very fast!!! Will definitely help again;

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    The first time I saw it, there was a price match. The store ensured that we could get the cheapest price and earn points♥️♥️