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Naturbio - Extreme Mass

Naturbio - Extreme Mass

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Naturbio - Extreme Mass

The ultimate advanced muscle-building powder to help you achieve ultimate muscle growth and recovery.

Delicious and filling, each serving contains 650 calories, 53 grams of protein, 100 grams of carbohydrates and 6 grams of fat. Clean ingredients, including 12 grams of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) to help you build muscle and make it easier to meet your daily calorie needs. , does not increase excess junk food intake, improves muscle recovery after intensity training, reduces muscle tissue breakdown, and protects your hard-earned muscle mass. 650 Calories Ultimate Muscle Building Protein Booster There are muscle building protein boosters and NutraBio Ultimate Muscle Gaining Supplement. Protein booster. What makes this muscle-building protein booster different from other competing products is its clean formula, which provides everything you need without the ingredients you don’t need, helping you build high-quality muscle during your weight gain period. Does not add excess fat.

NutraBio Ultimate Muscle Protein Booster uses two high-grade proteins to help you meet your daily intake - whey protein concentrate (WPC80) and sodium maltodextrin (sodium maltodextrin). This one-two punch of protein provides you with amino acids instantly and continuously releases them for up to seven hours. The Ultimate Muscle-Building Protein Booster not only helps you increase lean muscle mass and improve recovery capabilities, it can also help protect your hard-earned muscle growth and prevent breakdown.

Click to choose the ultimate muscle gain? High Calories and Low Sugar It’s easy to eat high calories, but the food you choose may lead to the accumulation of excess fat instead of lean muscle. NutraBio Ultimate Muscle Builder solves this problem. It uses an ultra-pure muscle-building protein increaser, containing 53 grams of high-quality protein and 100 grams of high-quality carbohydrates per serving. Best of all, Extreme Muscle Builder is low in sugar, setting the industry standard for muscle-building protein supplements.

Premium Protein Source Ultimate Muscle Builder combines fast-absorbing whey protein concentrate (WPC80) with slow-absorbing sodium maltodextrin in a 7:3 ratio. On the one hand, you have whey protein concentrate, which can quickly increase amino acid levels, jump-start the recovery process and promote muscle growth. On the other hand, you have sodium maltodextrin, which is more anti-catabolic and can sustain the release of amino acids for up to seven hours.

Clean Carbohydrate Technology The biggest difference between NutraBio Ultimate Muscle Gainer and general muscle-building protein supplements is its clean carbohydrate technology. The Sodium Maltodextrin Proteinate we use does not rely on cheap maltodextrin, but uses patented Fibersol-2®, which is an anti-digestive maltodextrin and will not cause a sharp rise in blood sugar. The use of Fibersol-2® not only helps prevent fat conversion, but also enhances glycogen replenishment and slowly breaks down glucose into controlled and sustained release of energy to continuously supply the body's needs.

The combination of Muscle Growth and Recovery Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC80) and Sodium Maltodextrin Protein can increase lean muscle mass and reduce recovery time more effectively than either taken alone. Even more impressive, recent scientific evidence shows that the protein used in our muscle-building protein boosters may promote the production of IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor), which helps the body burn fat and grow muscle. If you're after muscle growth, NutraBio Ultimate Muscle Gainer can help you increase the muscle size you want.

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The service is good, the clerk patiently teaches and the delivery speed is very fast!!! Will definitely help again ;)

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    The service is good, the clerk patiently teaches and the delivery speed is very fast!!! Will definitely help again;

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    The first time I saw it, there was a price match. The store ensured that we could get the cheapest price and earn points♥️♥️