About EHPlabs

EHPlabs is a global sports supplement brand founded in 2012 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The brand is dedicated to researching and formulating the highest quality and most efficacious products in the fitness industry. The key focus for EHPlabs is to assist people with their health and fitness goals and to maximise their physical performance and recovery.

EHPlabs is globally renowned for its flagship product, OxyShred, which has assisted over 2 million achieve their weight loss goals in the past 5 years. The brand now has over 22 supplement products in its range specifically formulated for various fitness goals including weight loss, pre-workout energy, muscle gain, muscular recovery, sleep aids, vasodilators, detox etc. 

In addition, EHPlabs offers premium quality fitness and lifestyle apparel and various fitness merchandise products designed together with the high profile fitness industry influencers and athletes.

Team EHP

EHPlabs is most often recognised for its inspirational team of athletes and brand ambassadors ranging from personal trainers, to fitness models and professional bodybuilders with large social media reach and influence. In a short period of time, EHPlabs has leveraged the power of social media and influencer marketing to achieve world-wide recognition as a leading and trusted international sports nutrition brand. 

As part of our goal of connecting with and positively impacting as many people as possible, EHPlabs has travelled the world and exhibited as major brand sponsors at the key fitness expos in various cities including the Mr Olympia Expo in Las Vegas, Arnold Expo, BodyPower UK, Fitness Show Australia, NZ FitExpo, LA FitExpo.

Currently, all the R&D and manufacturing functions of the EHPlabs products are carried out in Utah and Los Angeles, and the products are distributed globally through the following channels: 

● Online store via www.ehplabs.com. Warehoused at our fulfilment centre in Dallas, Texas. 

● US Distribution: This business focuses on B2B direct distribution of EHPlabs products to retail stores across the United States. 

● International Distribution: This business focuses on B2B direct distribution of EHPlabs products to international distribution partners of sport supplement products outside of the US, Australia and New Zealand. 

● Tiger Nutrition: Exclusive distribution and marketing partner for EHPlabs in Australia and New Zealand. Tiger Nutrition supplies EHPlabs to all the leading sports supplement specialty retail stores across Australia and New Zealand. EHPlabs is recognised as one of the premier brands across Australia and New Zealand, and OxyShred is one of the leading supplements in the market.


Our promise to you is simple - to go above and beyond at every opportunity to help you reach your health and fitness goals. In our mission to innovate and create only the best, we live and breathe the ethos of family, positivity, honesty, transparency and continuous and never-ending improvement.

'We are not just a company - We are the EHPLabs family.'


EHPlabs first received worldwide recognition and acclamation in 2012 for its flagship product, OxyShred. In a short period of time one of the world’s most trusted and effective nutritional supplements to hit the market.

Since then, EHPlabs has implemented its ethos to create only the best and has expanded its family of products to include:





EHPlabs focuses on scientific and pharmaceutical research in the areas of molecular biochemistry, human biomechanics, sports nutrition and exercise sports science. 

Our team of experienced scientists, pharmacists, sports physicians and athletes ensures that we have the best equipped team to research the latest and most exclusive legal chemical compounds and formulations to produce the most effective and highly sought after products. EHPlabs ensures the efficacy and legitimacy of its products by maintaining its own in-house testing and formulation laboratory, and manufactures all of its products in its GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified factory in the United States.

The EHPlabs Product Development Team is committed to researching the newest, safest, purest and most concentrated compounds, phytochemicals, natural organic compounds and pharmaceutically derived synthetic compounds to form the basis of our superior products. If you see an EHPlabs logo, your immediate thoughts should be quality, efficacy, performance, professionalism and value. Our dedication to science and quality is what enables us to produce our acclaimed products which undisputedly enhance human performance.



All EHPlabs products are developed and manufactured in GMP and NSF certified facility using only premium quality ingredients. We test our products using the most advanced pharmaceutical-grade, triple phase testing that exceeds all standards in the sport supplement industry, including;

- High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)

- Ultra performance liquid chromatography (UPLC

- Liquid chromatography mass spectrometer (LCMS

EHPlabs是一家全球運動補充品牌,於2012年在猶他州鹽湖城成立。該品牌致力於研究和配製健身行業中最高質量和最有效的產品。 EHPlabs的重點是幫助人們實現健康和健身目標,並最大限度地提高他們的身體表現和恢復能力。





作為我們與盡可能多的人聯繫並積極影響我們的目標的一部分,EHPlabs已經走遍世界並在各個城市的主要健身中心展出,包括拉斯維加斯的奧林匹亞世博會,Arnold ExpoBodyPower UK ,澳大利亞健身展,新西蘭FitExpoLA FitExpo


作為我們與盡可能多的人聯繫並積極影響我們的目標的一部分,EHPlabs已經走遍世界並在各個城市的主要健身中心展出,包括拉斯維加斯的奧林匹亞世博會,Arnold ExpoBodyPower UK ,澳大利亞健身展,新西蘭FitExpoLA FitExpo





●Tiger NutritionEHPlabs在澳大利亞和新西蘭的獨家分銷和營銷合作夥伴。 Tiger Nutrition為澳大利亞和新西蘭所有領先的體育補品專業零售店提供EHPlabs EHPlabs被公認為澳大利亞和新西蘭的主要品牌之一,而OxyShred是市場上領先的補品之一。



我們對您的承諾很簡單 - 盡可能地幫助您實現健康和健身目標。在我們創新和創造最好的使命中,我們生活和呼吸家庭,積極,誠實,透明和持續不斷改進的精神。


我們不僅僅是一家公司 - 我們是EHPLabs家族。




•OxyShred Thermogenic Fat Burner







•OxyRem  - 深度睡眠脂肪燃燒器

聯合維修/聯合Flex  - 移動支持

排毒清潔/重新加載 - 健康支持

•H2Drop  - 抗腹脹利尿劑配方

緊膚/緊緻 - 減肥和爽膚支持




我們經驗豐富的科學家,藥劑師,運動醫師和運動員團隊確保我們擁有最先進的團隊,研究最新,最獨特的合法化合物和配方,以生產最有效和最受追捧的產品。 EHPlabs通過維護自己的內部測試和配方實驗室確保其產品的功效和合法性,並在其在美國的GMP(良好生產規範)認證工廠中生產其所有產品。






 - 高效液相色譜(HPLC

 - 超高效液相色譜(UPLC

 - 液相色譜質譜儀(LCMS