About Redcon1

Today’ssupplement landscape has become somewhat of a wasteland, one that is filledwith flailing giants of the past still trying to hold on, as well as small,bathtub brands just out to make a quick buck. This situation leaves theconsumer with less than efficacious products and less than desirable results.Enter REDCON1.

Foundedby supplement industry entrepreneur Aaron Singerman, REDCON1 was created toensure end consumers get real, hardcore products that deliver real results. Ourmotto isn’t THE HIGHEST STATE OF READINESS just to be some catchy tagline, itis the mantra that we live and breathe at REDCON1.

From the highest caliberbodybuilder, to the most grueling obstacle course, all the way to elitemilitary forces, how your body performs is paramount to your success andsurvival. Achieving your own greatness is a forging process, one that requiresyou are always ready to perform, for the highest state of readiness, chooseREDCON1.



REDCON1由補充行業企業家Aaron Singerman創立,旨在確保最終消費者獲得能夠提供真實結果的真實核心產品。我們的座右銘不是最高的準備狀態,只是為了成為一些引人注目的標語,它是我們在REDCON1生活和呼吸的口頭禪。