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    Musclenutrition.hk於2016年正式在 Instagram上線運行,我們主要為香港地區的消費者提供最高品質的保健品、乳清蛋白粉及其他運動營養補充品。與香港其他零售商不同的是,我們免除了零售環節,通過我們的網站直接供貨給所有顧客。通過Muslenutrition.hk 購買,您可以用最優惠的價格獲得最高品質的產品。






    Musclenutrition.hk was launched in Hong Kong on the 7th April 2016 through Instagram. In the early days we started small with only a small customer base, limited resources and experience. However with huge ambitions and desire to do better providing the best to all our potential customers. Musclenutrition.hk has gained over approximately 4,000 potentially loyal customers in all areas of Hong Kong.


    In 2018, with the growing demand for bodybuilding and sports supplements in areas of Hong Kong and Asia, and have decided to expand our sport supplement business by launching this online website making it more convenient to all our fair customers.


    Musclenutrition.hk specialises on healthy bodybuilding and sports supplements, but more than that we also offer a wealth of information based on sport performance, sports nutrition,weight workouts, and training that will help you to achieve you training and fitness goals more efficiently and effectively.


    With our services rapidly growing in popularity, this gives us the motivation to deliver all our most valued customers the best quality supplements with the fairest price. Customers have been satisfied and pleased with the quality of service they receive at Musclenutrition.hk, with us supplying and delivering the best possible online supplement shopping experience.


We will be looking forward to serve you fast, taking care of your every nutrition needed. Please follow us on our social channels, so that you won’t miss out the latest features and discounts!





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