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MOAB Mother of All BodyBuilders

如果你想用最有效既方法去增肌, 只需要2樣嘢你要做就係: 把分解代謝(Catabolic )降至最低同時把合成代謝提升到最高!

MOAB (Mother of all bodybuilder)就係可以幫你做到曬呢2樣嘢。 根據你既活動你的荷爾蒙會不斷變換,而Moab 就可以幫你提升增肌荷爾蒙而減小分解肌肉的荷爾蒙。從而做到最佳增肌效果!

當你使用Moab 你會:

  • 防止分解代謝- 同恢復得更快。
  • 提供最佳的蛋白質含成同增肌。
  • 減低高強度訓練帶來的肌肉痠痛。
  • 提升好明顯的肌肉pump -當你見到肌肉好漲時你就知道Moab係到幫緊你。
  • 提升Mtor,姐係上面講既增加增肌hormones 而減係分解肌肉既hormones。
  • 幫助你恢復得更快,咁你就可以操密啲同增肌效果更大。

Moab最好既嘢就係男女都用得,呢隻並非testosterone booster.


  • 390 毫克鈣,有助於適當的肌肉收縮和恢復
  • 3000 毫克 HMB 可防止蛋白質分解成更小的氨基酸,改善肌肉修復並增加過程中的耐力
  • 1000 毫克 HICA,它是亮氨酸的代謝產物,有助於提高蛋白質合成率並加快肌肉生成的總體速度。當您踏入健身房時,這將幫助您感覺更強壯。
  • 300 毫克表兒茶素,有助於提供抗氧化支持並減少體內的肌肉生長抑制素,這是一種可以限制您的生長的分解代謝因子。
  • 通過定期使用這種補充劑並結合激烈的健身房鍛煉,您看到卓越的效果只是時間問題。

If you are hoping to build muscle as effectively as possible, there are two things you need to be doing: limiting the catabolic processes taking place and increasing the anabolic processes taking place.

MOAB (Mother Of All Builders) by Redcon1 helps you do both at the same time. Your body is in constant flux, either building muscle tissue up or tearing it down. This will all depend on what you are doing activity-wise, what your nutritional status is, and how your hormonal profile is shaking up.

MOAB by Redcon1 helps to elevate natural muscle-building hormones in the body while suppressing those that don’t support optimal muscle-building results.

When you take MOAB by Redcon1, you’ll:
  • Prevent the catabolic process from occurring after each workout session – you’ll bounce back quicker than you did before
  • Promote optimal levels of protein synthesis and muscle growth after each and every workout you complete
  • Lower the amount of muscle soreness you encounter from your intense workout training.
  • Improve muscle pumps dramatically – when you’re in the gym, you’ll be noting that your muscles look inflated, which serves to greatly improve your own motivational levels
  • Improve the rate in which mTOR signaling takes place, which essentially dictates the speed in which you build muscle at
  • Help improve your own natural recovery post workout so that you can get back into the gym and train again sooner, thus seeing faster results over time.
  • Can provide endurance boosting benefits so you don’t tire out in the gym as quickly

The nice thing about MOAB by Redcon1 is that it can be used by both males and females. Regardless of your gender, you can hardness the benefits it has to offer.

Each serving will provide you with:
  • 390 mg of Calcium to help assist with proper muscle contraction and recovery
  • 3000 mg of HMB to prevent the breakdown of proteins into smaller amino acids, improving muscle repair and increasing endurance in the process
  • 1000 mg of HICA, which is a metabolite of leucine, which helps enhance protein synthesis rates and speeds the overall rate of muscle building taking place. This will help you feel stronger when you step foot in the gym.
  • 300 mg of Epicatechin, which helps provide antioxidant support and decrease myostatin in the body, which is a catabolic factor that can limit your growth.

By using this supplement regularly combined with intense gym workouts, it’ll only be matter of time before you are seeing superior results.

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