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R1 Gain

R1 Gain

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No ifs. No buts. No BS.

That is Rule 1’s guarantee and you can see why when you look at their R1 Gain ingredient profile.

  • 100% Whey Blend
  • Added BCAA’s + Glutamine
  • High-Quality Carbohydrates

R1 Gain was created for individuals who are struggling to hit their protein target for the day but need more calories as well. Combining a 1 to 1.5 ratio of protein to carbohydrates, R1 Gain utilises a whey only protein blend and couples it with high performance, low GI carbohydrates.

  • 530kcal
  • 50g Protein
  • 75g Carbohydrates
  • 3g Fats

Experience the Rule 1 difference and nourish your body with high-quality ingredients designed to create a high-quality physique.

R1 Gain by Rule 1 Proteins

Core Ingredients

Protein Blend

The R1 Gain blend contains only whey protein sources, combining whey protein concentrate, isolate and hydrolysed peptides for optimal absorption and minimal gastric stress.

Utilising a 3-whey blend ensures a high amino acid profile is achieved naturally, which is one of the primary reasons as to why whey protein is considered to be one of the most anabolic sources of protein available on the market today.

Carbohydrate Blend

Combining maltodextrin, rice bran and Pisum Sativum, which is derived from peas, ensures the perfect low GI blend of carbohydrates for daily consumption. Utilising such carbohydrates ensures a steady release of glucose into the blood stream is achieved and no carbohydrate-induced blood sugar crashes are experienced.

Power Blend

With the addition of free form BCAA’s and Glutamine into the R1 Gainer, Rule 1 has created a high calorie, high protein weight gainer that achieves maximal protein synthesis and supports gastric health as well.

Final Thoughts

R1 Gainer is a high-quality nutrient-heavy weight gainer designed to give you both the best in quantity and in quality ingredients.

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